Lambton Estates provide the opportunity for a variety of educational purposes. 

We have welcomed educational visits to Lambton Estates for many years. Visitors enjoy a cultural, historical and informative insight into the operations of an ever evolving estate.

Groups have included those interested in:

– Careers in the Rural Community

– History of the Estate (for historical societies as the estate is a prime example of a property maintained by the same family over several generations)

– Wildlife and Game Conservancy

– Historic House Preservation (for organisations interested in acquiring the knowledge as to how listed buildings can survive and adapt in the modern world)

– Decorative Arts (for tertiary educational groups specialising in the decorative arts)

-Schools (children meet the estate staff and are shown a working farm, woodlands, a castle, a manor house, animals and all the aspects that contribute to the estates very existence.)

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Lambton Team Shoot 2020

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08th February 2020 4pm -  9pm

No Ego Night Torch Race

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